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Exhaust Systems

s4-systemThe exhaust system is an assembly in a vehicle's engine that takes care of the burnt gas that the engine produces. It consists of exhaust pipes, through which exhaust gas flow through from one chamber to another, a header, which collects the same gas from different cylinders and directs it to the pipes, a catalytic converter, which converts the pollutant gases produced during combustion into less harmful substances, a muffler, which reduces engine noise, and a turbocharger, which increases engine power.


Tips for Passing Your Car's Next Emissions Test

vehicle-emissions-testsEmission systems are not the most glamorous or exciting part of cars, but these systems end up being one of the most important car parts to know about. Emission systems serve a variety of functions. The emission system reduces the amount of pollution your car puts into the air and prevents harmful gases from escaping and potentially becoming health hazards. It keeps your car's engine running smoothly, cleanly, and efficiently. Most states require that cars receive regular emissions inspections to maintain their registration. Here are some tips to make sure your emission system passes its next test.


Front-Drive Axles

front-drive-axlesThat clicking noise that your front-wheel-drive car makes as you accelerate around low-speed righthand corners has been getting a little louder for weeks. One afternoon, just as you pull out of the parking lot, there's a loud banging noise and a series of crunches. Then all forward thrust drops off, punctuated by vibration and the occasional ping of tortured metal. Your CV joint has failed.